Nathan Field.

Billionaire | Entrepreneur | Investor

Who Am I?

Billionaire, Entrepreneur, CEO, Hustler, Genius, Baron, Investor, King, Master, Victor, Doer, Action Taker, Leader, Provider, Giant, Winner, Tactician.


My life’s mission: overcome all of my fears, make billions of dollars, make life amazing for myself, my family, my friends, and set them up for a life of freedom throughout the new world order.



Current Self

Fearless, Financially Free, Love, Life Worth Living.


Nathan Field, CEO of The Field Group, epitomizes the transformative power of self-belief.

Originating from Australia, he evolved from timidity to a formidable force, driven by a desire for freedom and a better life for all.

With dedication, he overcame his limiting beliefs and became a multifaceted individual, blending entrepreneurship, investment, and artistry.



Self-Development Company ($5k/mo)

Digital Marketing Agency ($100k/mo)

Lead Generation Software ($10M/mo)


Hypnosis App ($10M/mo)


Co-Working App (Billion-Dollar Unicorn Company)

Nathan's success enabled a life of opulence, yet his true legacy lies in generational wealth and his commitment to empowering others for abundance.


  1. Be like water: flow with change and seize opportunity.

  2. Forge strategic alliances: outmanoeuvre the competition.

  3. Embrace the duality of action and inaction, knowing when to advance or retreat.

  4. Harness the power of intention and reality transurfing.

  5. Utilize Machiavellian tactics, balancing ethics with expediency. Never settle.

  6. Master the art of controlled chaos, thriving amid uncertainty.

  7. Win without conflict, pre-empting problems with foresight and planning.

  8. Seek harmony in the balance of opposites, embracing the principles of Tao.

  9. Cultivate inner stillness, tapping into the boundless energy of the universe.

  10. Achieve success through the indirect approach, turning weaknesses into strengths.

"To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life."

Nathan Field